About Us


Late Mrs. Pushi Takiar
Fountainhead of inspiration for the founder of the college


This institution was established in 1995 in the sacred memory of late Mrs. Pushi Takiar to impart modern knowledge along with the Vedic traditions to the youth of contemporary india.The college is constantly evolving ,improving and up dating itself to the one up against the challenges of a swiftly changing world environment with globalization and advancements in the social, technological economical, political landscape.This paradigm shifts towards a new world order compels us to “Innovate” for this we at P.T.M. Nurmahal are always taking the challenges, finding opportunities and devising changes to faster development.

AT present P.T.M Arya College Nurmahal is administered by Principal Dr.Mrs.Iqbal Kaur one of the most experienced administrators of this organization, a lady with a mission, a teacher with a vision.Thus under whose stewardship the college has swiftly stepped ahead in the competition.

It is difficult to convey the flavor of an institution but the information contained in this booklet will help to give some idea of what the college is likely.What is strength is and how it is seen by others.