Eligibility : +2 Examination in any stream under 10+2+3 System Examination with at least 40% marks.
Scheme of Study for BCA- Semster I
Paper I Introduction to Programming C-I
Paper II Introduction to Computers and Information Technology
Paper III Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
Paper IV English
Paper V Punjabi/Punjab History and Culture
Paper VI Practical-I(MS Office 2010 and Basic C Programming
Scheme of Study for BCA Semester-II
Paper I Introduction to Programming C-II
Paper II Principal of Digital Electronics
Paper III Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques
Paper IV English
Paper V Punjabi
Paper VI Practical-I(Advanced in C Programming)
Scheme of Study for BCA Semester-III
Paper I Computer Architecture
Paper II Database Management System & Oracle
Paper III C++(OOP Language)
Paper IV Environmental Studies(Compulsory)
Paper V Programming Lab-C++
Paper VI Programming Lab-Oracle
Scheme of Study for BCA Semester-IV
Paper I Data Structure & File Processing
Paper II Information System
Paper III Internet Application
Paper IV System Software
Paper V Programming Lab-Data Structure Implementation using C++
Paper VI Programming Lab-Web Designing and use of Internet
Scheme of Study for BCA Semester-V
Paper I Computer Networks
Paper II Web Technologies using ASP.NET
Paper III Operating System
Paper IV JAVA Programming Language
Paper V Lab based on JAVA Programming Language
Paper VI Lab based on ASP.NET
Scheme of Study for BCA Semester-VI
Paper I Computer Graphics
Paper II Software Engineering
Paper III Lab. Implementation of Applications of Computer
Graphics in C++/C
Paper IV Project